My name is Katherine Sen.

About Me
Katherine Sen (founder and creator of Sivana chakra brand U.K)

I am the founder of Sivana Chakra Oils.
I have been in the health, Beauty and complimentary field for over 27 years. In this time I have learn’t many holistic treatments.
And for as long as I can remember, my passion was to develop my own personal brand of therapeutic body oils.
It was also very important for me that my brand of oils, were 100 % natural and the highest quality ingredients were used. These luxury oils, are both organic and wild crafted and were meticulously sourced and ethically produced by well established suppliers to produce the most premium grade product to help support the body’s health, promote a sense of wellbeing and to care for the skin.

Each essential oil and carrier oil was carefully selected for their beneficial effects on the Chakras and skin health. Used and applied regularly onto the skin, the oils help to clear the chakras of unwanted and stagnant energy and keep the chakras balanced, thus helping to restore and support the body on a emotional, physical and spiritual level.
The name Sivana came to me after reading a wonderful book that inspired me back in the the early 90s. It was based on a successful Lawyer, who suffered a major heart attack, due to stress, decided to take himself off on a pilgrimage to the Himalayas for inner peace and spiritual guidance. He came across a place called Sivana. it was there that he reflected and re- connected to his true path with the help of Sages who would practice daily rituals of meditation and herbal remedies.
This story and name signifies all that Sivana brand stands for.
To connect us to the essence of nature, promote wellbeing and self reflexion.
Sivana is is my gift to you. Hand made with Love.

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