Skinmed is a professional clinic only product that is medically licenced and is available from accredited only clinics. It is also prescribed by private doctors, nurse’s and aesthetic practitioners, and used within in the following practices:
The Harley Medical Group, Bupa Wellness, Spire and other Aesthetic organisations.
The company is passionate and committed to providing a system of effective treatments and product ranges. They are renowned for their result driven peels called Enerpeel and Derma FNS micro needling pen that works to help achieve a healthy skin.
Their main aim is to provide a system that can help to improve the following skin conditions using their highly effective skin care ranges.
Tebiskin Range of skin care protocols

Tebiskin OSK clean, OSK lotion, OSK U.V – Acne, oily and problematic skin concerns.Tebiskin Idra, Hyal, Ceraboost – Dry/ dehydrated and aged related concerns.
Tebiskin Sooth and U.V Sooth – Irritated, sensitive and rosacea.
Tebiskin LC, Tebiskin U.V, Tebiskin LC, – Pigmented skin concerns.
Tebiskin EGF  – Collagen and repairing –Also Post chemical peels or microneedling.
Tebiskin Reticap face cream Reticap Eye cream – Moderate to advanced skin ageing.  
Skin Boosters/serums:

Gly C – Smooths and evens skin tone.
Gluage – Stimulates hydration for moisture and hydration.
SOD-C – Antioxidant anti-wrinkle and lightening.
Sensicure Range:

Rosacea skin care.
Sensicure Cream Gel.
Sensicure Intensive Spf 30
Sensicure Fast
Sensicure Gel
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