Skinmed Peels

Skin Consultation

£50 60 Minutes
With Skin Analyser
(Redeamable against a course of skin treatments) Skin analysis allows us to determine optimal treatment options for existing conditions and to educate clients on the correct skin care and how they can keep their skin healthy. Using the latest skin imaging technology we scan beneath the surface of the skin to analyse hydration levels, congestion, and sun damage. Recommended before embarking on any facial course.

MA peel


Ideal if your new to peeling. This firming and brightening peel is suitable for rosacea and sensitive skins types.

Enerpeel PA

Controls oily to moderate skin ageing and poor skin tone.

Enerpeel JR

For the treatment of pigmentation and to even out the skin tone.
It reduces the appearance of scars and smooths fine lines and wrinkles.
Also an effective peel solution when used on darker skins, as it reduces melasma and pigment imperfections.


Is specifically designed for treating in and around the eye socket and the lip margin, the two age defining areas of the face.


Is specifically designed for treating in and around the eye socket and the lip margin. This treatment addresses these age-related concerns, fine lines, drooping eye lids and crow’s feet. It also helps to deal with hyper pigmentation and dark circles, as the result of photo ageing and constant use of expressive muscles surrounding the peri-orbital areas.

ENERPEEL Chest or Back

The new specialised Enerpeel effectively treats chest and back acne.
Controls oily skin types to moderate skin ageing and poor skin tone.


Wonderful treatment as always. I have been looked after so very well by Katherine for 20 years and every time I leave her feeling happy and relaxed with my skin looking fabulous. Katherine you are the best. - thank you

Katherine is really warm but that doesn't mean she doesn't know how to hard on the skin issues and tackle them for you to get results. I believe we are working towards the goals well and am really pleased I'm in her good hands. Also she does these beautiful oils that smell lovely but more importantly have such great benefits too. Looking forward to my next appointment 🙂 Treatment Enner Peel

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