Environ skin care s been developed by a well-renowned plastic surgeon named Dr Fernandes.  Born in South Africa, he understood the devastating effects that sun damage had on the skin.

As he worked on many skin cancer patients, he decided to pioneer a range f skin care products that contained high enough doses of vitamins, mainly vitamin A to make measurable effects on the quality of the skin as well as the overall protection of the skin against environmental factors. From this research, Environ was born.

Vitamin A and its benefits in cosmaceutical.

The cornerstone of Environ is Vitamin A.

Extensive medical research and tries have shown that Vitamin A has a corrective effect on the skin. Smoothing and softening and protecting it from the harmful effects of U.V radiation and free radical damage.  It most important role is to normalise the skin and to promote the production of healthy collagen and elastin and the moisture content, leading to younger-looking skin.


Who should use environ?

Eighty per cent of photodamage is done by the age of eighteen.  So Environ is recommended from the age of ten years onwards to prevent this.     As well as a preventative measure against skin damage from a young age, results are noticeable within a few weeks of use.  It is also very beneficial for Rosacea and acne skin types.

The Range:

The range consists of the main 5 main Avst moisturisers.

They come in variable strengths of vitamin A.  you are advised to start with a lower strength and gradually build up to the stronger cream.  They have the added benefit of being a day and night cream and for clients requiring a simple skin regime, they can also be used around the eye area, neck and decollete.

Youth Essential: offers a broad spectrum of high antioxidants that come in various strengths and have a serum like constancy. they are applied with a separate C Quence cream or under the Avst moisturisers.

B Active range: – is suitable for all problem skin types ranging from mild to active acne.

Alpha Range: