Environ Facials

Environ Skin care has been developed by a South African plastic surgeon who's main aim was to treat and prevent skin cancer with the benefits of vitamin A and C due to their high antioxidant properties. His concern for skin cancer in the early 1980's promoted him to research ways to counteract skin damage which led him to the development of Environ. The use of applying topical vitamin A with other antioxidants have powerful anti ageing and anti cancerous effect on the skin.

Advanced Skin Analysis 

£5060 Minutes

This procedure is recommended for clients wishing to embark on a course of skin care treatments. A thorough skin diagnosis is performed using a skin diagnostic lamp to assess the internal and external condition of the skin and to get a clear understanding of what procedures are necessary to treat various skin types. This will include nutritional, skin care and hygiene advice. This procedure is strongly recommended for clients wishing to embark on a series of facial treatments and a new skin care regime.

Environ Active Vitamin Facial

£7560 Minutes

5 Areas

High in Anti-oxidants this facial is beneficial for those suffering from sun damage and ageing skin. It uses a combination of iontophoresis and sonophoresis currents, and  active vitamin serums and creams which when used together will help to stimulate new collagen and elastin to create a healthy skin.

Environ Super Facial and Decollate 

£11090 Minutes

This facial focuses on the face, neck and decollate areas. It is very beneficial for combating the effects of sun damage not only to the face and neck area but also tissue damage to the chest area mainly due to sun exposure. Includes a lymphatic face, neck and decollate massage.

Active Hydra Boost Facial

£9575 Minutes

Using the focus hydration serum. This facial offers all the benefits of the active vitamin facial but also helps to target dry, dehydrated skin caused by environmental or dietary factors.  The focus hydrating serum is applied along with the a current to help add hydration to the tissue cells of the dermis, reducing the appearance of fine lines, photo damage and dry skin conditions.

Active Vitamin Facial and Focus Eye Treatment

£10075 Minutes

This complete facial treatment focuses on both the eye and forehead lines using Environ's advanced focus frown serum that contains argireline, well known to reduce the depth of wrinkles caused by contraction of the muscles due to frowning, as well as improving the overall texture and appearance of the face and neck.

Collagen Power Facial    

£10075 Minutes

With the benefits of a sound wave and galvanic current, this facial delivers treatment serums and creams that delivers high doses of vitamins and peptides to the lower levels of the skin where the help to stimulate fresh collagen. This facial also works to soften fines lines and to tighten skin that is starting to loose elasticity and support. It is a facial ideal for photo damaged complexions and loss of tone.

Environ Cool Peels

£6860 Minutes

Ideal for clients with photo-damage and excess redness. A course between 4-6 sessions is recommended.
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