Holistic Therapies

I offer a range to body therapies, to create a sense of wellbeing, balance and harmony within the body.   These therapies are very beneficial for all stress related conditions, both emotional of physical.  After a brief consultation, I am able to recommend the right therapy for you.

Bowen Technique

A gentle yet powerful technique, designed to relax muscle and facia. Gently releasing tight tendons and realigning the body without the use of manipulation.  Proven to be very effective for both muscular-skeletal problems such as back pain and sports injuries.


£5560 Minutes

Reiki is a way of channelling universal energy through a hand on healing technique. A reiki practitioner will have gone through a series of attunement processes to allow this cosmic energy to flow through the Reiki healer to the receiver. This is an extremely relaxing form of therapy and is extremely effective form of therapy for both emotional and physical symptoms.


£5560 Minutes

This treatment works on the feet to help detect and improve ailments in the body. Parts of the feet correspond to parts of the body. Gentle and soothing pressure is applied to the reflexes, bringing about a sense of relaxation and improve well-being.


£8890 Minutes

This wonderful treatment starts with a reflexology treatment to diagnose and unblock any stagnant meridians in the body, followed by a relaxing Aromatherapy massage with organic plant oils, blended to suit your individual needs. Highly recommended for all those suffering from physical and emotional stress and illness.


£6875 Minutes

A deeply relaxing and therapeutic full body massage using organic plant-based oils, blended to suit your individual needs. Includes lymphatic and pressure point techniques to help restore the body and a relaxing face and head massage. A wonderful treatment for stress-related conditions or to just relax.
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