Chakra Balancing Massage

Sivana Signature Treatments

Sivana signature body treatments bring together a combination of Ayurvedic and Aromatherapy techniques with Reiki, Crystal and Sound Therapy.

Using Sivana Signature chakra oils blended using only the finest and purest organic essential oils, these treatments, will help to re-balance the bodies energetic, physical and emotional system.

Sivana Chakra Balancing massage

£95 90 Minutes
A holistic massage incorporating ayurvedic, acupressure, lymphatic drainage and deep tissue techniques to help the body on a physical level.

The massage techniques used, work to release tight muscles and improve the body’s circulation. Together with reiki, crystal and sound therapy, it will help to balance the body emotionally and energetically.

Sivana organic Chakra oils are chosen by the client through sensory and colour diagnosis at the beginning of the treatment, which will indicates which of the chakras need balancing. This beautiful and unforgettable treatment will help to bring the body back to a sense of health and wellbeing.


The experience was just unbelievable. Katherine was incredibly patient, kind and really gave some good advice as after care. The balancing massage felt so personal, relaxing and the pressure and technique was spot on. The homemade oils smelt amazing and left my skin feeling very soft. It’s been several weeks and I still feel much lighter - I can’t wait to go back! Highly recommend!

A very holistic and healing massage. Felt as if all my troubles had melted away! Felt calm and balanced at the end. Thoroughly recommend this massage.

Another wonderful treatment- I went in feeling extremely stressed and came out feeling far more balanced

I had a fantastic, holistic experience. Katherine was amazing and I felt so relaxed after the massage. Highly recommend her!!

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